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Military flashlights, Coastguard Flashlights, Krypton Flashlights, Headlites Military Flashlights coastguard flashlights Headlights

Flashlights online has a complete line of Heavy duty flashlights, Industrial flashlights, Government approved flashlights, Military flashlights, Explosion proof flashlights, Waterproof flashlights, Safety approved flashlights, Coast guard approved flashlights, Hard hat flashlights and more. These flashlights are Made in USA.

Industrial Flashlights: Industrial flashlights are covers 10 times more area than standard flashlights. These flashlights are available in 2D or 3D cells in yellow and black or black body

Marine Flashlights:
Marine flashlights meets A-16 standards. They are waterproof and are tested to for use on inland and international waters on boats.

Military Flashlights:
Military flashlights meets MIL-F-3747, Type I and other military standards. These flashlights are available as right angle, in olive drab color and have assigned NSN numbers.

Safety Flashlights: Safety flashlights are UL and MSHA approved. These flashlights are primarily used in hazardous areas of atmosphere containing grain dust, flour, starch and gases.

Waterproof Flashlights: Waterproof flashlights meets W-F-421 (GSA)(FSS) Type I, standards. These flashlights feature ABS bodies and are resistant to heat and corrosion.


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